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Toronto CD Drop is a music-oriented community. Our goal is to make Toronto more Music Savvy by making mix cd's and leaving them accross the city, for people to find. The hope is that people can trade CD's and broaden their taste in music. Your mix CD's can be from any genre. JUST BE CREATIVE. :D

You do not neccessarily have to be from Toronto to join this community. We'd like to hear of similar projects in other cities. :)
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The Concept

An effort to spread music accross the city of Toronto. Making mix CDs and dropping them in various locations in the city. Our goal is to promote musical diversity and get people to listen to new artists.

Make a mix CD.Put anything you want on it, but be sure to print out a CD cover with ALL of the song titles/artists. Place it in a CD case, and leave it somewhere in the GTA. When you make a mix, please make a post in the community with this information

1) Location of the drop

2) Track Listing

If you get an email back, PLEASE POST IT!

Be creative. Do not restrict yourself to a certain muscial genre. The point of the community is to get people to listen to new music, NOT to get people to listen to rock, alternative, or rap music. Make your mixes interesting and unique. Decorate your CDs. Put your artwork on them. Make them stand out. Make them yours. Post pictures of your CDs/CD Cases, or ideas for creative cd cases.

PLEASE NOTE: This community is not for amazing mixes. We want to get people to listen to music. None of us are professional mixers. Of course, we ask that you put some time and effort into your mixes, but they do not have to be "The Perfect Mix". If you want to critique mixes, a better place to go would be mix_this_cd or mixcompetition.

Please do your best to promote the community! Get the word out!

Similar projects: van_cddrop, drop_rochester, tap_that_tape
thank you molly. <3.

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