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Oh my how long it's been!
I finally devised a CD worthy of dropping.

Story: On new years day I was, of course, hung over like no one's business. I had the idea of this CD in my head for a few days but I finally decided to make it when I got home at 2pm from the party.

It's Sleepy Time Music.

Music to sleep to listen to when you're not feeling well (from a hangover or other). Loud noises, bursts of sound and the like are not found on this CD.

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That's my kitty sleeping on my bed. It printed with somewhat heavy red ink for some reason even though it's BW. I'm going to draw little music notes coming from the right.

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A screencap of songs from iTunes lol
..but I'll be handwriting it on the sleeve

and Finally, I'll be in the city on Monday afternoon around a U of T residence so it'll be dropped around there or the subway station that I plan on getting off of.. which I don't know yet because I haven't actually looked it up.

..Maybe I'll find a mattress store or something.. or not lol


I ended up dropping it at the Harvey's on Yonge and Bloor.. I just placed it on my table when I left.
But sorta bad news, I wrote the community URL without the underscore. STILL I put my email address so hopefully someone will email me
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