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oh manz. first cd. i haven't made a cover yet, but i dont think i will be back on the internets before i let it go off into the world by itself, so i just decided to post this. i'm going to drop it off sunday, sometime when im stalking art brut

1. sexy by the gay dogs
2. caught by the fuzz by supergrass
3. skipping church by clear days always
4. celeste by the rocks
5. indie boys (don't deserve it!)by queens of noize
6. are you looking at my missus? by handbags at dawn
7. knit 1 pearl 1 by help she can't swim
8. boy is a girl by the others
9. electric shake by be your own pet
10. dancing on pegs by test-icicles
11. three small faces by the metro riots
12. roy by special needs
13. poor & weird by the briefs
14. 22 grand job by the rakes (weird demo version, somehow i have 3 different weird demo versions and i'm still looking for the normal one)
15. nobody move, nobody get hurt by we are scientists
16. fuck me mommy by mother and the addicts
17. canopies & grapes by emmy the great
18. bullets by editors
19. bella ciao by KUD Idijoti (cover. blates)
20. it's all right to fight by ninja high school
21. art star by yeah yeah yeahs
22. i like a boy in uniform (school uniform) by the pipettes
23. into you by richard x ft. jarvis cocker
24. masters of our feelings by the barcelona pavilion
25. what became of the likely lads by carlos barat (version in mexico)

okay, it ends kind of sadly, but totes not my fault.

edit: how the fuck is there still 15 minutes on the cd? arghh i guess i'll put "do the hippogriff" from the harry potter soundtrack or something.

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oooo very misleading cover. (don't judge a mixcd by its cover!)

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