bow chica bow bow (puppy___lust) wrote in toronto_cddrop,
bow chica bow bow


yeah, i forgot to post this but i thought it was cool.

basically after i dropped my sex cd in the condom shack i wondered around aimlessly for half an hour or so, then went back to see if it was still there. and it wasn't, and me and my friend were just talking about who possibly could have found it when.... the first track started playing in the condom shack! one of the girls who worked there walked out of the back, and i asked her if she was playing a cd she had just found, and she said yes. and then we had a nice conversation, and she complemented my mix. and i thought it was generally pretty cool. i still would have liked it if a stranger found it, but i suppose a stranger in the condom shack is the same general thing. and anyone who walked in got to hear my music.

ok, i'm done. :D
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