she was a waste of space. (shorty_twang) wrote in toronto_cddrop,
she was a waste of space.

First Timer.

Kay, so I was reading a blog and it had the question "what is your favorite love song?" and because I'm unoriginal and it's February; I took some songs from there and some of my own and made my very first mix cd. I don't know if the songs are a great mix together, but I tried. So I hope you like it.

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

IMPORTANT! So, I just realized. "So Happy Together" isn't Lovin' Spoonful, it's The Turtles. Sorry about that.

I just dropped outside of the Lawrence subway station in one of the free daily newspaper boxes.
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awesome :)

ps. went/go to carter?
Yeah, I go. How'd you know?
i glimpsed at your journal.
i went there too, graduated last year.
Nice. I graduate next year. Kinda nervous.
Right on - I love the back cover. Normally, I would be dismayed at the use of one artist twice on the same mix, but... it's the Beatles. Who's gonna argue against that? Also, why have I not thought of newspaper boxes before? That's a great place!
Thanks. Yes, it was too hard to choose just one Beatles song. So I gave up and put two. That's what I thought; but I can't take credit, I got it from someone else.
Damnit. I was JUST at lawrence subway station!
awesome possum.