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Once again from E-town!

Well, I've been meaning to make another drop for some time, and I've been working on this mix for a little while in my head now. It started out as a breakup album and then it just started included anything I felt like. My current plan is to go to the Salvation Army shop and see if I can slip it into the pocket of a nice coat.

"But It Seemed So Absurd / After Only Three Days"
1. Oh Susanna – The Fall
2. Weezer – El Scorcho
3. ATB – Let U Go [Club Mix]
4. Fembots – Broken & Blue
5. LostProphets – Last Train Home
6. Carissa’s Weird – Farewell To All These Rotten Teeth
7. Smashing Pumpkins – This Time
8. Reflekt f/ Delline Bass – Need To Feel Loved [Original Mix]
9. Leonard Cohen – Bird On The Wire
10. The Wrens – Boys, You Won’t
11. Dismemberment Plan – The Jitters
12. Blonde Redhead – Equus
13. Low + Dirty Three – I Hear… Goodnight
14. Zadia Lenders – Six Days

As an aside, the one song I really wish was on here was "Feela" by Lamb. But on the album, it has a secret track (a "Cotton Wool" remix) tacked on, so it's like 17 minutes long. Harumph. As aside #2, would any breakup album really be complete without "El Scorcho"?
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