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"Sad Dalamtion" Mix

I recently went on a trip, leaving Edmonton behind for the clear skies of Toronto & Vancouver. I made three copies of this mix, one for each city, and one for myself. The title doesn't actually appear anymore. Instead, the disc has a couple of "101 Dalmations" stickers that I got in a candy "Surprise Pack". The "Sad" in the title just refers to the mood on the latter tracks. The track listing was on label-maker labels, on the front and inside of the cover. It only runs about 33 minutes, because that's all I felt was appropriate (and also, I was rushed to finish this before I left). The Toronto copy was left on a chair in Dundas Square. I happened to be back there the next day, and all the chairs were stacked up, so I feel safe to say that someone found it.

1. Orange Range - *~Asterisk~
2. Plummet - Damaged
3. Dntel - Why I'm So Unhappy
4. My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes
5. Diana Ross & The Supremes - You Can't Hurry Love
6. Esthero - That Girl
7. Aphex Twin - Avril 14th
8. Iron & Wine - Upward Over the Mountain

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