aL Mero (short_fingers) wrote in toronto_cddrop,
aL Mero

i finally made another!

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Basically, i took a few good Track 1 songs off albums on the cover. it took me pretty much all summer to come up with a theme for this when it finally hit me sometime last night. i'll probably end up doing a similar theme (last tracks or something) in the future.. so no one take my idea! :)

i'll drop it at the Bloor/Yonge station next wednesday morning before school. but if i can't find a good place, i'll drop it at or around Pape station the same morning. maybe i'll update on exactly where i put it.
what's a good place at a subway station, by the way? the first one i dropped was on YRT bus heading to Finch Station and i still have no idea what happened to it. i was thinking maybe a bench at a subway station, or on top of a newspaper box. are those good places?

i'll keep you posted
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